My Story

My name is Noah Trinder, I was born in England and lived there for 10 years before moving out to Canada with my parents to start a new life in The Fraser Valley. I have always had a love for photography as I believe all photos tell a story. I am an award winning photographer and I have a certificate in Video Editing, Video Production, as well as a couple of photography courses under my belt. Photography for me is something I really love doing and I pour my heart into.
What I can offer you

All photos from the shoots are carefully edited by myself before presenting you with a completed package.
I believe that communication with my clients is key and that their vision is my vision.
All photos from a shoot are edited by me and sent via cloud based storage. So that you have access to and can select the ones you want from the package. I retain copyright.

“Noah has a vision that a lot of us can appreciate. His motivation to succeed in creative ways is phenomenal. An inspiration to us all.”

Mauri | Founder of Sangre de Murcielago  

“Noah has a talent of shooting photos from angles you would never imagine. His ability to capture the visual potential of any subject and location makes me impressed with his work and I’m excited to see where he goes in a few years.”

Kevin Chou | Host of “The Meadow Meets” for Subaru Club Vancouver

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